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Jumpstart your U.S. residency by creating U.S. jobs and investing in American businesses.

E-2 visa holders must make a substantial investment of capital or funds into a business enterprise in the U.S. The investment can be to either start up a new business venture, or to purchase an existing commercial enterprise.

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E-2 visas are a nonimmigrant classification of visas, which are intended to permit foreign nationals, foreign entrepreneurs and foreign investors living in treaty countries to work in the United States in order to oversee their U.S. business endeavor or investment. E-2 visa holders must make a substantial investment of capital or funds into a business enterprise in the U.S. The investment can be to either start up a new business venture, or to purchase an existing commercial enterprise.

Foreign investors who live in a country that has a treaty agreement with the United States, and their employees, often take advantage of the E-2 visa option. The E-2 visa requires that the holder maintain significant investment activity in the United States and while no specific dollar amount is required of the foreign investor, the volume of his or her investment should be sufficient to justify his or her ability to continue investment activities in the United States.

E-2 visas offer unique benefits. For instance, E-2 holders are able to live in the United States on a temporary basis. The initial period of time that E-2 visa holders can stay in the United States is 2 years, but it is possible to obtain extensions in additional two year increments with no maximum on the number of extensions that can be granted. So long as the E-2 visa holder's business or investment activities satisfy the requirements for E-2 status, he or she may stay in the United States.

E-2 Visa Requirements

In addition to being treaty country eligible, E-2 visa applicants must actively invest in a commercial enterprise with an affiliated U.S. business or venture. This means placing a substantial amount of capital into a business venture with the intention of gaining profits from the qualifying investment activities. The applicant must actively participate in the business or venture, and cannot take a back seat. The enterprise cannot be a sham, a shell company, or a fake business. Instead, real international trade and job creation must happen as a result of the business endeavour or commercial enterprise. The money that is being invested in the U.S. commercial enterprise must also be real money that is at risk as part of the investment. The investment capital cannot be unsecured loans. E-2 visa applicants must also have prepared a business plan for their investment, and must generally stick to the business plan as their commercial enterprise grows and becomes more successful over time.

E-2 Visa Application Process

Filing for your E-2 visa can be complicated since there are a number of different documents that you must provide with your application. For starters, documents that prove the identity and nationality of the company, and evidentiary support that the applicant investor or entrepreneur has possession and control of investment capital necessary to obtain E-2 visa status, and a Business Plan that outlines the future investment scheme all need to be included in your E-2 visa application submission.

Applying for an E-2 visa can be challenging, especially when it comes to preparing a business plan and proving the source and amount of investment capital for your business investment in the United States.

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