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Foreign companies with qualifying U.S. branches, affiliates and parent/subsidiary companies looking to bring in foreign national employees to the U.S. operations through L-1 visas.

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An L-1 visa is a business visa, and more specifically a type of work visa, that allows for the intra-company transfer of certain employees of a foreign company to a properly affiliated United States company. An L-1 type visa requires sponsorship of the foreign national by the employer.

In order to obtain a L-1 visa, the American and the foreign company must exist in a qualified relationship, which can include a parent company relationship, subsidiary, affiliate or branch relationship, and the employee for which the L-1 visa is for must have been employed with the company for more than 1 year in the previous 3 years before coming to the United States.

L-1 Visas have two designations:

  • L-1A visasĀ are used to designate executive and management transferees. L-1A visas are useful to entrepreneur foreign nationals serving in a managerial or executive capacity at a foreign business entity can use an L1-A visa to open a new branch, parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the foreign entity in the United States. L-1A visa status can last for up to a maximum of seven years.
  • L1-B visasĀ are used to designate those transferees with specialized knowledge or skills about a company's procedures or products. This type of visa is rarely effective for helping foreign entrepreneurs immigrate to the United States for the purposes of establishing a business or company due to the narrow interpretation of the law.

L-2 Visas For L-1 Visa Holder's Immediate Family Members

Those applicants who ultimately obtain a L-1 visa status can seek L-2 visa status for their lawfully married husband or wife, and children. These immediate family members are granted what is called a L-2 visa, which is tied to the L-1 visa holder's visa. L-2 visas have the same privileges and restrictions as L-1 visas.

L-1 Visa Filing Requirements

Foreign companies with qualifying U.S. branches, affiliates and parent/subsidiary companies looking to bring in foreign national employees to the U.S. operations through L-1 visas are required to submit documentation as to the company's existence and qualifying relationship with a United States business entity in conjunction with documentary evidence that the L-1 visa applicant is qualified for the L-1 type visa he or she is applying for.

Information that should be supplied to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services when a foreign company is seeking L-1 visa status for its employees, includes evidence of licenses or permits issued by governmental or other authorized agencies for the operations of the foreign company, evidence as to the ownership of the foreign company, evidence of the foreign company's location, and both financial documents showing the recent operations of the foreign company as well as historical financial records for the foreign company if any are available.

Collecting and determining which of these types of documents are sufficient evidence for the purposes of obtaining a L-1 visa is complicated, and consultation with an attorney who has experience acquiring U.S. visas for clients is a must.

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