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It is important that you consult with an experienced business attorney who specializes in commercial lease agreements before you commit yourself and your business to anything..

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Consilium Law, LLC Negotiates and Reviews Commercial Leases

Once you have established a business plan, and are ready to start your business, it is time to take steps towards making your business a reality. Whether you are setting up a brick and mortar store front, a warehouse to house your production operations, or just need a business office space, you will most likely need to enter into a commercial lease. Commercial leases are binding legal contracts that can last from anywhere between 5 to 20 years in duration, and as such it is important that you consult with an experienced business attorney who specializes in commercial lease agreements before you commit yourself and your business to anything. Consilium Law, LLC has the skilled professionals that can help you negotiate and review the commercial lease for your business.

Commercial Leases Are Complex Legal Documents With Hundreds of Provisions

Commercial leases are all business – they are long, complex and difficult to read and negotiate because they are full of legal jargon and endless provisions. While it might seem like there are a million provisions in your commercial lease, each one has legal significance and should be fully considered. But how do you know which terms are important, which ones protect you, and which ones leave you exposed and vulnerable to liability? What if you were to overlook an important provision and agree to the terms of the lease without a comprehensive legal understanding of what you are getting yourself and your business into? You could be stuck with the consequences of your legally binding commercial lease for many years, with little or no possible recourse available to you without invoking liability for breaching the terms of the contract.

Commercial leases are so long because they clearly layout for the parties to the contract who is responsible for certain repairs, damage and upkeep of the commercial property while the tenant uses the premise. Good commercial leases also set forth contingencies in the event that unforeseeable circumstances come along that impact your business, your ability to do business, or perhaps the other businesses situated around your business.

For example, you would not want to enter into a 10 year commercial lease that does not have any contingency provisions for situations where the economy tanks and you are unable to keep your business going, where there is significant damage to the property (such as a fire or weather-related damage) that renders the property unfit for its intended use or if there is damage beyond repair, or if the shopping plaza where you are renting a space folds and loses a significant amount of the businesses that were there at the start of your commercial lease. Contingency planning is crucial aspect of commercial lease agreements, and you should be sure that your commercial lease is full of contingency provisions.

The attorneys at Consilium Law, LLC can help you parse through your commercial lease and can give you a better understanding of what your rights and obligations would be under the commercial lease agreement if you were to accept the terms and enter into the commercial lease in question. Our team of lawyers can also, upon review, prescribe additional provisions, or provision modifications that would better protect you and your business, and can offer guidance on what provisions could be eliminated or negotiated to give you and your business greater benefit. Entering into a commercial lease is a big step for your business, and with Consilium Law, LLC by your side, your business can take that next step into a commercial space with confidence.

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